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GoDaddy Renewal Promo Codes For Your Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

TechieSouls is the site of the WPSouls WordPress theme, which is free for anyone that wants to use it on its project, no matter if it´s a personal or commercial website. The objective of this theme were to be light, clean, professional and free. We hope you enjoy the work done by Moin, and we expect your feedback about new ways to improve WPSouls theme. Thank for stopping by, and for trusting us.

Recommended Admin Setup for WP Souls, Plus GoDaddy Coupons To Help You With Setup:

WP Souls will work on your latest version of WordPress, but there can be hiccups is you are running it on server software that is less than optimal. If you have professional hosting, then we recommend you use GoDaddy's linux hosting (here's a voucher site to keep it cheap: If you are running your own server, then we recommend you use the latest Fedora Linux OS.

Please, take a look at the LIVE DEMO.

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WP Soul is a free 2 column WordPress Theme looks simple and elegant from the front end and offering vast Admin options at the back end. With wide variety of tune able Theme options in the admin menu you don’t need to edit .php files manually to do basic theme adjustments.
WP Soul designed and coded for content healthy blogs to give content more exposure and load as fast as possible. WP Soul is a full fledge theme which won’t require any external modding to make your blog ready to go. As soon as you install and activate the theme you’ll be able to adjust sidebar ads, RSS subscriptions button and form options, Author info, Twitter button integration, Header Logo image (if you don’t want to use text) and Social media icons on blog posts. You can set all these options right inside your Admin panel.

Full Feature List:

Simple & Elegant look
Fast loading structure
xHTML and CSS Valid
Supports comments threading and paging
Fully WP 2.7.1 support
Premium Quality
Styled Blockquote
Styked Sticky post
Fixed Width
2 Columns
Right Sidebar
Many theme options
Free of cost

What can I adjust from Admin Theme Options?

Header logo image: If you want to use image in your header image just enter image URL.
Sidebar 125 x 125 ads: You can tune sidebar ads from inside your theme options just enter banner URLs and enter link for them.
RSS form and button settings : You can enable sidebar RSS buttons and if you are using feedburner to manage feeds for your blog then you can put your feedburner feed address and name to use feedburner links instead of default wordpress feed address.
Twitter button settings: You can enable Twitter button to show in your blog sidebar. To link twitter button to your profile just enter your Twitter Name.
Author info box: You can enter information about yourself in author info and enable it to show in sidebar.
Social icons box: Its upto you if you want to enable Social bookmarking icons in your blog posts you can even set your own text to show above icons.


Extract the file in a convenient location
Copy the ‘wpsoul’ folder to ‘/wp-content/themes/’ directory in your web server.
Log in to the WordPress Administration Dashboard
Select the ‘Themes’ sub-menu from ‘Appearance’ menu
Select the WP Soul theme from the available list of themes to preview
Activate the theme.

Where are Admin Theme Options?

Sign in to your Admin Dashboard.
Under Appearance tab click on ‘WP Soul Theme Options’ menu.


Download WP Soul | Demo


The easiest way to install this theme is to get it from the WordPress themes directory, this way you can upgrade to the latest version easily using the in-built theme auto-upgrade tool.
Posted on May 27, 2009, 2:12 am, by MOin.

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