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The Best Linux Portable Apps

best linux portable apps

Portable Applications are incredibly easy to use: you don't even have to install them! Just double click and start using your app. The other great use of portable apps is that you can carry them in your USB thumb drive or mobile hard disk and use them on which ever pc you want directly from your device. This saves time installing software on a PC which you are only temporarily using.

In this post I’ll be putting all the portable apps which I think are best and most useful keep on reading and download the ones you like 😉

1. Notepad++ Portable (Bonus Tip: Use Movavi Discount Coupons!)

Not any programmer, developer or webmaster can live longer on earth without Notepad++ it’s a must have app to edit a lot of types of files such as C, C++, HTML, ASP, Java, Pascal, CSS and many more in fact notepad++ is a lot more than just text editor because syntax highlighting feature and simple interface makes it special and the best of all its freeware.

If you're looking for some movie software, we want to point you towards Movavi. There's even some good promo codes here that'll make it virtually free.

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Download Notepad++ Portable (ver 5.0.3)

2. Pidgin Portable

pidgin portable
Pidgin is a very versatile instant messaging client which supports many IM platforms under one window. Now you do not have to take a lot of pieces of different messaging clients just take pidgin portable with you and chat on the go. With pidgin portable you can chat on AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and Jabber networks the best benefit is that you can take your IM settings and buddy lists with you anywhere you want.

Download Pidgin Portable (ver 2.5.2)

3. KeePass Password Safe Portable

When you are using public pc all your passwords and confidential information is at risk there might be key logger or password snatcher running in the background process. With this great and little piece of software you are safe to use your passwords on any public PC. This simple software is password manager where you place all your e-mail internet and other passwords and use them safely and only you can access stored data incase you lost your usb drive no other person than owner or password keeper can access the stored data.

Download KeePass Password Safe Portable (ver 1.14)

4. ClamWin Antivirus Portable

CalmWin is a very professional and free antivirus now it comes portable to save your computer from viruses. Whenever you plug-in your USB drive into some public PC or PC which is already infected you put your USB drive and indirectly your own PC at risk to reduce the chances of data loss because of virus infection you can take CalmWin Portable antivirus on the go and before copying any data to your USB drive scan it with CalmWin antivirus just by double clicking, sounds safe.

Download CalmWin Antivirus Portable (ver 0.94)

5. Audacity Portable

Audacity is very popular and handy audio editing and mixing software. Now Audacity comes portable so you can edit and mix your song files on the go its best when you are a music fanatic and loves playing with sounds just hook it up in your ipod or music player.

Download Audacity Portable (ver 1.2.6)

6. ImgBurn Portable

Imgburn is highly stable and professional yet freeware utility to burn CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray Discs it supports many file types such as BIN, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG and PDI. This portable version fulfil your burning needs on the go just download the package, unpack it and put into your mobile device.
Download ImgBurn Portable (ver 2.4.2)

7. Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition

firefox portable
Image Credit: Wikimedia

Who in the world does not know about Mozilla Firefox?! (if still there is someone who do not know, welcome to 21st century please read this ) If you are in an internet cafe or your friend’s home who do not use firefox and you badly need firefox to finish your work or browse web with your own bookmarks and saved passwords then download this portable version of firefox and copy to your USB memory stick just like you carry First Aid kit with you.

Download Mozilla Firefox Portable (ver 3.0.3)

8. GIMP Portable

Gimp is freely distributed image editor which can be used as simple paint program or professional level image retouching software. It has many features such as photo retouching, image composition, image authoring and image convertor, image renderer which makes it best free image editing software. The portable version of GIMP let do all these tasks on the go.

Download Gimp Portable (ver 2.6.1)

9. VLC Media Player Portable

The best media player on earth its VLC now portable version is here just a standalone .exe file which can run hundreds types of media files on the go. You can run various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, WMV, mp3, ogg, …) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols on the go.

Download VLC Media Player Portable (ver 0.9.4)

10. Google Chrome Portable

When firefox is on the list i wont leave chrome behind we never know if its the best internet browser of future. Still too many people are using chrome even if it’s in early beta stages. Google Chrome already proven fastest and light weight web browser. This portable version can be taken anywhere into any mobile storage device such as ipod, usb hard disk or thumb drive. Two plugins Gears & Flash are already installed and embed in this package.
Download Google Portable (ver

11. Google Earth Portable

Another fun to use and informational product from google. Google earth let you fly over the globe by watching satellite pictures all the locations in fact the whole world is in 3d view you can search places hotels, restaurants, driving directions, parks, schools, hospitals, airports, retail this software is a life saver if you are out of your own country or city or any place you are not familiar with just put in your USB drive into any pc and start searching new places.

Download Google Earth Portable (ver 4.3.7191.6508)

12. Save2pc Portable

This little and free software is very useful for many little kind of jobs such as downloading videos from many video sharing websites such as, google video, meta cafe, porntube, myspace video and many others. you can download several video files at a time you can also convert download videos for iPod, PSP, PDA, iPhone, Mobile Phone format and change format to .avi, .mpeg, .wmv Other great feature which i found useful is that you can strip audio track out of video file and save it as mp3 and wav format. This portable version of save2pc let you do all these job on the go just copy it in your usb and take hold on your videos.

Download Save2pc Portable (ver 3.43)

13. AnyTV Portable

With AnyTV Portable you have a portable TV with you totally free. AnyTV let you see over 2630+ TV channels from over 100 countries, 6910+ online videos, 4750+ Online Radio Channels all free. You can watch news, entertainment, documentaries, music, sports, shopping, languages, cartoons, learning, culture, religious channels, live cameras etc .. from all over the world. Application interface is simple and easy to use just download copy double and start watching free TV on the go.

Download AnyTV Portable (ver 2.25)

14. Tansee iPod Transfer Portable

For iPod users this is a breeze of blessing normally when an iPod user want to share songs on some pc without itunes he face a lot of desperation because there is no way you can share songs without an external software well now with this free little tool you can share songs with any one anywhere this portable app is free just download put it in your ipod and take it with you.

Download Tansee iPod Transfer Portable (ver 3.0)

15. Recuva Portable

Recuva is a free utility that let you recover deleted files from hard disks, usb drives, ipods, cameras, mp3 players, mobile phones memory cards. This portable version of recuva let you recover accidently deleted files which you may want to use again but you already hard deleted them. It also recovers files deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses or worms.
Download Recuva Portable (ver 1.20.361)

Most of us who love to enjoy music through MP3 or our Smartphone usually use low quality headphones provided with the gadgets. If you want to buy good quality headphones and cheap prices then you will have to spend some time for researching online or offline as they are available in wide range of sizes, shapes and technologies. You can buy the best headphones at affordable price by comparing their features, described here under to help you in this regard.

Bass: Many manufacturers of headphones focus on low frequencies to customize the signature sound of their headphones. You know what we're talking about: beats headphones. Beats (as well as other manufacturers) like to have deep, bass-y sounds. But that can detract from other aspects of the music you're listening to. Classical music and other  

Open or Closed-Back headphones: Closed-back headphones isolate your ears effectively from the entire environment regardless of their type. Though the level of this isolation can differ with each model still they are ideal for listening to the sounds privately, when you do not want someone else to hear them. On the other hand acoustically open headphones allow the user to hear outside sounds along with the sounds provided by their headphones. The sound produced by these headphones can also be heard by the persons sitting nearby their user. Normally open headphones are considered better than sealed ones as they do not isolate you completely from the outside world. For outdoor activities open headphones are considered to be the best as they keep you aware about your surroundings.

Weight and comfort level: Though quality of sound of headphones cannot be assessed on general basis but their comfort level can be assessed just by using them for few minutes. If you feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a bit longer time even if they are padded with cosy materials then they may not be suitable for you, even if they are highly priced. Similarly if the headphones are heavy even then you cannot feel comfortable to wear them for several hours. Hand-band style lightweight headphones are considered as the best as they are easy to carry as well as comfortable to wear for long time.

Durability: The technology used in quality headphones usually should not get obsolete in next 6-12 months. So while buying headphones you should focus on technology used in them so that you can use them for longer period, without replacing them, to make them more affordable for you.

Length and style of cable: Usually headphones have single cable to be attached to one of its earpieces but in some models Y-shape cable is used to connect both of its earpieces. Similarly some headphones have L-shape angled plug whereas some have I-shaped straight plug. The length of cable can also vary with each model of headphones. So you can choose headphones on the basis of your own preferences in this regard.

Thus, by comparing and assessing the features of some of the headphones you can easily get quality headphones for cheap prices. In fact, price should not be the only criteria to find suitable headphones.

Ways Of Making VPS Hosting Affordable For Your Website

It’s now inevitable for all businesses – big and small – to have good online presence. Business owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce the costs involved in maintaining their websites. Web hosting is one area with
potential cost savings. If you use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting, here are some tips to make the service more affordable:

1. Take time to research on the best deal

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that offer VPS hosting services. This is both a good and bad thing for website owners. On one end, you have a wide variety of service providers to choose from so you can be sure to get what you are looking for. On the other end - the bad one – you have to prudently search for a reliable service provider among many companies, some of which don’t offer what they promise.

VPS Coupon Codes Resources:

One excellent place to check out is They have VPS coupons for nearly every company under the sun. You can check out their GoDaddy discounts here: If that doesn't quite work, then there are some more promo codes on Coupon Lynx:

Comparison Shopping is Good:

Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare a wide range of plans. It’s the only way to the pick the plan that provides the greatest cost savings. It’s important to remember that low-priced packages aren’t necessarily what you
should be looking for. Evaluate different plans based on the services they provide, then move to price and select the most favorably priced plan among these.

2. Do a background check on the companies you are considering

For most people, reliability and availability of support are very crucial aspects of VPS hosting. This is why you should really seek to know more about the company you intend to use for your website. A service provider that assures you of 24/7 availability and support for your business can help you make significant savings on your hosting plan. With such a provider, you will suffer few instances when the site is unavailable and this helps to reduce business losses. The bottom line: make sure the service provider is credible.

3. Find free VPS hosting setups

There are reputable companies that offer free setups. This is a simple way of how to make VPS hosting affordable for your website. Not all hosts will provide this opportunity, and there are some that are not genuine in their offering. So, take caution as you look for free hosting setups. Avoid hosts that require you to pay unreasonably high fees upfront. You are looking for cost savings so don’t be blindsided to the potential benefits of any free plan.

4. Identify hidden charges

Set up and account activation fees should be straightforward. Have a keen eye on other fees that the host may charge. Most of these aren’t that obvious but can add a considerable burden to your monthly hosting budget. For
instance, it might be standard practice for a host to add some features and services to all packages. When choosing a VPS hosting service provider, look for a host that offers customized service. That is, they combine all the features you need in your package so that you know exactly what you are paying for. This will definitely help you to avoid hidden charges and thus reduce the cost of your plan.

Your website is an indispensable tool for business. As you plan on how to host it, remember it will grow (or will be required to grow) with your business. Think strategically to achieve long-term cost savings. Use your business requirements to make server decisions. If you proactively and continuously plan for your server investment, you will definitely save many dollars over time.

There are many things that are necessary to be a successful freelance writer. Of course, that all begins by being a master of your craft. However, you can only write what you have planned, and this article aims to help with that planning process. Furthermore, one of the principal techniques for success is to develop a formula for your writing, and this content will explain the benefits of doing exactly that. A lot of these tips are helpful for bloggers as well who want to keep a consistent posting schedule on their website. Once you've got some good samples, you then need a central place to keep them so that prospective employers can take a look at your work.

Keeping Your Online Portfolio Website Updated

I talk to a lot of freelance writers who are struggling, and invariably they do not have an online portfolio website where potential employers can see their work. If it's the cost you are worried about, you really shouldn't be. Getting a domain name and basic web hosting isn't super expensive to begin with, and if you use coupons from websites like Coupon Lynx, then it's even cheaper. If you are worried it will be difficult to set up, WordPress is very easy to use and totally free. Most web hosts even have a 1-click install for it available.

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Most freelancers cite the fact that you can not double publish articles online (more on that and other SEO strategies in another article), and it's true. You should not publish an article that is already online somewhere (or that you may want to sell to be published online) on your website in text. You can take a screenshot of the text and publish it as an image though. That way your potential employers can see your writing style, and everything stays SEO-friendly.

Freelance Writing: Three Reasons Your Writing Should Follow a Formula

1. It makes the writing process so much easier

If you take each article individually, it can be hard to decide what length or structure for that piece of content. However, a consistent formula can help because you will already have a good idea about the structure. Of course, the detail differs with each article, but by following a formula, you will know how the finished product will look.

2. A consistent formula makes it easier to spot mistakes

When following a formula, the structure will appear similar in each piece of content you produce. Therefore, you will get used to similar sentence construction and the sort of words you use. If you combine this with a good grammar checker, you will quickly learn what kind of mistakes to look out for and become a better writer by constructing better content.

3. Your clients will know what to expect from you

If you develop regular and returning clients, they will expect a similar level of high-quality work from you each time. So, when you follow a consistent formula, it will be easy to display this high standard. Clients will know what to expect from you and keep coming back for more. It will also be easier for you to compare each of your articles and appreciate they are all of high-quality.

Sometimes when you are a freelance writer, it may be necessary to produce a lot of articles in a short space of time. If everything is fresh and new all the time, then this can be hard to accomplish. However, if you follow a consistent formula with each article, the entire process becomes easier and more efficient. Simply remember that following a formula allows you to write better content and spot mistakes easier and means your clients know what to expect from you each time.

Ok, you’ve decided to start your online venture; you’re determined to make your name in the online world, and you’ve got your plans ready for that. But have you arranged the requisite finance, the most vital element in any business? It is not so surprising that apart from immaculate planning, business also requires adequate finance to commence its operations, and online business can’t be an exception to this fact.

Even though online business costs less to operate than a traditional physical business, it still incurs various expenses in the form of domain registration, web hosting, design and development, support, maintenance, staff salary and many other. To supplement these outgoings, you either need a job that pays you handsomely or consider the option of freelancing.

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To stack the odds even more in your favor, we wanted to give you some free Name cheap coupon codes for you. This will keep your initial business costs down to start. Just visit the linked website and you can choose the right promo code for your needs.
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If you’re planning for an online business and your full time 9 to 5 job hardly suffices your cost of living, you are compelled to seek an alternative job. The earnings you get from that job can then be expended on your business. Freelancing can end your quest for an alternative job. In fact, you’ll not find a better option than freelancing due to its simplistic approach to work.

Freelancing is gaining immense popularity in recent times simply because it provides a complete new definition to “jobs”. Today, when jobs are meant to be the same old tedious 9 to 5 affair with distinction between blue-collar and white-collar status, freelancing presents a platform which offers the freedom of time and flexibility to work and honors the skills and talents rather than the positions and ranks you hold in your office.

As a freelancer, you can set your own working hours; whether you want to work in the morning, or at the evening after your day job, you are your own boss. You get extra time to spend with your family since you’ll be at your own house all the time. If you also work at a regular job, you can freelance either in the early morning or late night hours. You can work while traveling, while on a flight or relaxing by the beach, workplace doesn’t matter for you, what you just require is a laptop and a connection to the internet.

Which category of freelancing should you choose depends on your skills and knowledge? If you are a web programmer, you can search for web programming related jobs. There is a specific freelancing marketplace like (formerly vWorker) for programming jobs, although now it offers jobs related to other sectors as well. Whereas, if you hold proficiency in writing, Upwork, Constant-Content are the most popular freelancing sites for writing related jobs. wingstop promo code

Freelancing is a rewarding career, and if you work well, you stand a decent chance of leaving your day job behind and adopting freelancing as a full time job. Many people, who at first started freelancing as a hobby, have later resorted to it as a full time career. They have changed their fortunes with freelancing, a feat they would hardly achieve with their regular day job.

Yes, work ethics and deadlines are vital in freelancing. You do have to finish your assignments within the time limit agreed with the client, but beyond that, there will be no other obligations on your part. Once the client approves your work, you will be paid instantly. Now, you no longer need to wait for a month to receive your pay check, you get it as you finish your stated task, sometimes even within hours, if the job is short and uncomplicated. For larger and more complex jobs, you need to demand periodical payments from your client for the completed portion of the work, so that your payment frequency is not elongated.

With such fruitful prospects, freelancing convincingly outdoes all its counterparts. Still, if you’re dwelling on other alternative options for income, you either need to work on a part time job, or you might have to give up on your vision for online business. Both ways, you are the one who will be at a loss. While, if you stick to freelancing, you can complement your online business by monetizing your extra time, and thereby lead your way on the path to success in your endeavors.

If you're looking for even more discounts related to the freelancing business, has all kinds of offers for everything you might need!

Engaging stories have always been popular across various media types, but the internet has led to the rapid growth of viral content. Entire businesses have been built around developing and promoting videos, articles, and memes that get shared across blogs and social media. While most popular stories had previously been released through established media outlets, viral content reduces many of the barriers to entry, allowing individuals to reach mass audiences. Dr. Karen Nelson-Field, an expert on viral marketing, even noted in her research that people who consumed shared content expressed 15 percent greater satisfaction than those who discovered it on their own.

Save on WordPress Hosting with GoDaddy Coupons

It is clear to see that viral content is unlikely to lose popularity any time soon. Therefore, anyone looking to develop an online business should be considering adding proven content to their site. A simple model that anyone can follow is to build a WordPress site, add niche content that is beginning to trend, and gradually build a following that relies on you as a curator. To follow this plan you need a WordPress theme designed for virality, with the following five examples among the very best. If you need hosting for your WordPress site, use the coupons at to get yourself some inexpensive hosting through GoDaddy.

godaddy promo code


Bimber is one of the most popular themes, helping to showcase popular and trending posts. The theme comes with various demo examples, but you can also build a site from scratch. There is additional functionality with page views and sharing, so you can avoid broadcasting if a post hasn't proven popular. A feature of many popular viral sites is the ability for users to upload content. Snax, a front-end uploader included with your purchase, allows users to quickly create their own accounts and add their own posts.

Purchase Bimber


BoomBox includes a huge number of features, allowing you to build lists, quizzes, polls, stories, and much more. You can quickly amend the layout, so a site could have a number of smaller columns or a larger feature area. The demos also replicate the major viral sites, making it easy to get started with a proven design.

Purchase BoomBox


ViralWP might not have the array of features found in other themes, but the stripped down dashboard area might suit those looking for something simple. While the theme is user-friendly, you still have enough advertising, social media, and design elements to create a viral format. The main layout resembles popular viral sites, with a clean appearance that encourages consuming and sharing.

Purchase ViralWP


Bunchy also includes the Snax plugin, making it easy for users to upload content. The theme features common badges indicating hot and trending posts, while the advertising system makes monetization a simple process. Bunchy encourages visitors to share content with prominent buttons, while also allowing you to hide share numbers for unsuccessful posts.

Purchase Bunchy


SociallyViral, developed by MyThemeShop, offers a free and premium version. The free version offers a great way to get started but does lack the level of customization you might require if your site gains popularity. The premium version has advanced advertising management, while also including various fonts, colors, layouts, and social sharing options. SociallyViral was created to highlight popular content, so trending and popular posts can be easily promoted to visitors.

Purchase SociallyViral

While each of these themes has been designed to increase virality, the content you include will determine if your site is a success. Ideally, you will create a following on your blog, through email, and on social sites like Facebook, so that each piece of content receives a large number of shares and mentions. As long as the content is engaging, your WordPress theme will have enough sharing and advertising options to help you maximize your reach and income levels.

Over the past decade, WordPress has become the world's most powerful content management platform for building websites. Apart from the intuitive interface and interchangeable themes that made it the gold standard in websites platforms, WordPress also offers thousands of seamless plugins to customize the functionality of each website. One plugin might create beautiful image galleries at the click of a button and another tracks the websites changes made by all of the backend users. While many of these plugins cost money, most of them are free. To take advantage of this resource, here is a list of the top six WordPress plugins that don't cost a thing.

1A. Special Mention Chrome Extension: Honey

If there's one thing that'll make a huge difference for you as you set up your website, it'll be this Chrome Extension. While many still like visiting a site like to get coupon codes, Honey is a Chrome Extension that will automatically find the best coupon codes for you for whatever you're buying.

1. Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin is the number tool to manage the search engine optimization of WordPress websites. With built-in tools to guide users with page titles, keywords, meta tags, content analysis, and more, Yoast SEO can turn even an amateur website manager into an SEO stud.

2. MailMunch

MailMunch is a leading plugin that creates elegant and effective forms for sites. Whether a website needs to collect email information for blog registrants or newsletter signups, this is the way to do it. MailMunch offers multiple types of signup forms and functionality that are easy to use. It also integrates with another service, MailChimp, allowing the management and manipulation of the email lists.

3. MailChimp

Once a website has collected emails from visitors, what does it do with those emails? Most of the time, blogs, product websites, and every other type of site has an email campaign or newsletter to best wordpress pluginssend out to its mailing list. MailChimp lets users create, customize, and manage these email campaigns from one simple interface.

4. Contact Form 7

It is always more effective to have a contact form on a website than simply list an email address. Contact Form 7 is the leading plugin to provide customized contact forms and management to WordPress users. Whether a site needs a form for visitors to submit product inquiries or just general support, this plugin can do it all.

Contact Form 7

5. NextScripts: Social Network Auto-Poster

NextScripts, known as SNAP, is a favorite plugin among the blogging community. From personal blogs to business blogs, SNAP makes life easier. Once configured, SNAP automatically shares posts via customized publishing options to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. In the past, bloggers had to manually publish a post to a website, then go to each social media account and publish the blog post. SNAP eliminates this tedious task while allowing customized posts on each platform.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

6. Google Analytics

Last but not least, Google Analytics is probably the plugin with the largest brand recognition. Google Analytics is free to use, but without the easy WordPress plugin, some people really wouldn't know how to implement the tracking code on their websites or where to check the data. The WordPress plugins for Analytics make it easy to configure and track the analytics data on the website.

In the land of website management platforms, WordPress is king. One of the traits that continues to fuel its domination of the website market is its robust plugin market. With more creative and advanced plugins being created by savvy developers every month, WordPress allows even the most inexperienced website owner to build amazing web pages. To ensure the best website quality, WordPress users should take advantage of these tools now. Who knows if they will continue to be free forever.

Thinking you need spend an arm and a leg to get the best graphic design software? Think again. Like many of the best webmaster resources in the internet world, you can get a surprising amount of quality tools absolutely free.

For any individual that is just trying to do some basic things when it comes to graphic design then they can be a wonderful resource and considering you are not going to be spending any money, then it is worth exploring them in greater detail.

1. Serif Draw Plus Starter Edition.

This software is rather impressive in what it can offer you and in some ways it is certainly comparative to a number of the features on various Adobe products. It comes with a range of brushes and templates and is pretty good at 3D objects as well. It also has a number of features that are similar to Adobe Illustrator which may prove to be useful to you.

Download here:

2. Gimp.

Gimp is actually pretty amazing at what it can offer you as a free piece of software. You can also have an interface on it that largely copies Photoshop if that is something that you are more used to. However, the most important thing with this program is the ease of use and you do get access to a full suite of tools right from the get go. It can be used for design as well as photo editing and works with a number of different file formats as well.


3. Blender.

If you are looking to do something in 3D then Blender is probably the best free software that you are ever going to come across. It has been around since 2002 but it has been updated a number of times to the point where you are able to do almost anything that you can imagine in 3D. This means you can render, do compositing, animation and so much more.


4. Inkscape.

This is a free program that is primarily aimed at creating and editing vector graphics. As it is free, it is seen by many as being the best alternative to the rather expensive Adobe Illustrator and it certainly has a number of features that will be familiar to you. It has a very clear and easy to understand interface and has more than enough tools to allow you to produce some pretty cool graphics although there are several restrictions with the free version.



The main reason for to exist is to help you to make infographics without getting too stressed about it all. Infographics are extremely popular at this moment in time and this free piece of software is going to just allow you to include the information that you want and produce something that is eye catching just by basically clicking on a few boxes. Choose a theme, select the shapes of the boxes, and get the end result.



This is one resource that is perhaps not as well known as some of the others, but that should not be something that then puts you off using it. Instead, this is a program with an easy to use interface that allows you to create some rather stunning graphics even if you are an absolute beginner at it all. It has a number of tools and is quite impressive at what it offers you considering it is free. However, it may take you some time to get used to all of the different options but it is certainly worth persevering with it.


As you can see, there are a number of options when it comes to free graphic design software and it all depends on what your own personal requirements are as to which one is going to work best. However, what these examples show is that it is not always necessary to go and spend a lot of money on some program by Adobe because there are certainly other alternatives out there that can be just as good and they are at least better on your bank balance. Try them out, see how you get on with them and perhaps at least one of these options will become your go-to tool of the future.

First, a few words for those who want to know what greasemonkey is and what wonders it can do: Greasemonkey is Firefox add-on which let you edit the way web looks and works with the help of a wide variety of already available scripts. Greasemonkey works because scripts are assigned for specific urls where it will only work and javascript change the functionality or visually the way webpage looks (it depends for what script was made)

To use Greasemonkey first you need Firefox then Greasemonkey (install) simply click on install script and Greasemonkey will do rest of the job: simply enjoy changing the web your own way.

According to BlogsDNA
Whenever you will download any Greasemonkey script, your Greasemonkey Firefox add-on will automatically detects site for which that script is applicable and applys that script to the site as soon as you open it.

As promised the following are 21 most useful and best of the best Greasemonkey scripts which can change the whole user experience of any specific web application. (i chosen them from best lists out there worth 2 hours i found some new and better ones)

1. Youtube Googler (Install Script)

This script is so useful when you always want to see videos in bigger size still not full screen but moderately large so pixel don’t explode in the video. This greasemonkey script makes youtube more look like Google Videos making the video area covering most of the screen (which is obviously a user concern on that page) striping comment area and video suggestion all together on the left just like a sidebar image reference available below.

2. Youtube Alternative Video Player (Install Script)

Do you hate auto playing of youtube videos like i do? when I am searching for some videos i open 3 or maybe 4 videos at once then i have to manually pause them to see any one of them which is totally un acceptable. we have another option with this script, it replaces the stock Youtube Video Player with one that keep the video paused until ‘Play’ button is pressed but it keep buffering the video without playing them so when you press play you get already loaded video.

3. Download Youtube Video III (Install Script)

If you are everyday youtube user you must came across videos that you badly want to save on your hard disk for future usage. If yes give this script a try it will fulfill all your video downloading needs very nicely when you click on download video icon (that appears with icons under video after installing script) the download pop up will come up from where you can take video to your download manager if you want faster downloads. Linux users need to Right Click and choose ‘Save as’.

4. Youtube “Lights Out” (Install Script)

This script is eye saver I say sometimes video is too dark or too light that you literally want youtube page’s base colour to be black so you can concentrate on video and watch it properly without hurting your eyes. well now you can do something about it this script gives you a little button to switch the lights off and watch the video easily when you click on ‘Lights Out’ button everything on the page (except video) turns dark gray when you click again everything turns Black. When it’s too dark and you can find ‘Lights Out’ button don’t panic clicking anywhere on the page will turn lights on.

5. Flickr “Lights Out” (Install Script)

Flickr Lights Out works same as ‘Youtube Lights Out’ so you can watch pictures easily when lighting condition is not all good matching with picture the only difference is ‘Light Out’ button is on top of picture.
6. Text Areabackup (Install Script)

Remembering everything you write on the web is not as easy as it sounds this script gona ease your mind. Text Areabackup work as a remembering machine while you browse the web and putting your emails, website addresses in short everything you write will be save in a virtual memory of this script. (Note: this script don’t work with Gmail)
7. Google Image Relinker with Mouseover (Install Script)

This is one of my favourite script because of its function and how much ease it gives when you searching for images in Google Image Search. Normally you when you search for images you have to do a lot of mouse clicks to get to the actual image but now things are a little bit interesting when this script is installed you just ‘Mouse Over’ or we say ‘Hover’ over any image thumbnail and see the image preview first then click on it and you get to the image directly instead of clicking again for ‘full size image’ its mean only one click and you get the image. How sweet!

8. Google Account Multi-Login (Install Script)

I am using more than two gmail accounts one for work purpose and one my personal so i had to find this script for multiple account usage at once because signing out and signing in again isn’t as easy as it sounds and waste bit of time too. After installing script your ‘Sign Out’ will turn into drop down box with a couple of options there you can add as many accounts as much you want and switch them with a single click of mouse.

9. GoogleTagCloudMaker (Install Script)

GTCM is really very useful script when you can’t decide proper keyword of your desired search result. It makes a tag cloud at your right pane with suggestion of many relevant keywords to choose from this also help you finding related search results of what you are looking for.

10. Google Ads Remover+ (Install Script)

Sometimes ads are really annoying specially when your connection is slow and web page stuck when it’s loading ads. Now you can remove Google ads from any website you want for faster browsing as a side note I won’t recommend disabling ads because sometimes you really find good resources and considerable product offers out of them so if you have no problem with them then leave as they are. Other usage of this script is to configure it to disable ads from a specific url not the whole web just like i did it with my website so I don’t accidentally click them and penalize for click fraud.

11. Google Image Auto Pager (Install Script)

This is another script for google image search to make searching images easier. Google image auto pager makes ‘image search page’ advance by giving you option to load next set of images on the second page loads on the very same page where you start. When you search for some image you get a lots of results when you are done with first page simply ‘Double Click’ any where on the page to load next set of images doing this again will stop the loading process.

12. Disable Text Ads (Install Script)

I know I know sometimes text ads (Contextual ads) are so much annoying that you badly want them not to disturb and make hurdles during browsing. This script work simply you install it and get rid of text ads forever. Currently this script is removing ads from following Advertisement networks “Vibrant Media (IntelliTXT), AdBrite, Infolicious (lingoSpot), Kontera, Linkworth, EchoTopic, Targetpoint and MediaText.”

13. Pre-fill Comments (Install Script)

Pre-fill Comment is really a life saver script because the one’s who comment on blogs, products or webpages will love this script for life. I know no body likes to write his name, e-mail and url everytime he want to visit a new blog then how about just pressing ‘Alt+C’ and the fields will be filled automatically sounds very easy, yeah obviously it is.

14. LookItUp2 (Intsall Script)

This script is more than just a greasemonkey script because when i first saw this i never believed just a script can do this much. You can add whichever website in it to look up what ever you want to just like add wikipedia and search for ‘Al Pacino’ now you get information without exploring all over the website. Many search sources comes when you install the script and you can add many more according to your choice i prefer you to visit this script’s homepage so you know all information about it because features are vast and I can’t review it all here.

15. Digg Friend Easier (Install Script)

Making your digg profile healthy is all about friends, and users becomes friends when you regularly digg their submissions. This script make things a lot easier than you can ever think now you can digg your friend’s submissions in bulk you do it everyday and they’ll consider making you mutual friend someday. When you install this script submission pages ‘/friends/submissions’ and ‘/friends/shoutsin’ will be having ‘digg it’ shortcut under every submission so you just click on it and ajaxly it will be dugg instantly. Keep on digging ‘easily’

16. Always Open New Windows in Digg (Install Script)

If you are a regular digger spend hour or two just digging then your your left hand always picking up CTRL key (there are also other ways to open new window except holding CTRL key while clicking link) to open external links in new window well now you don’t really need to worry about this problem just install this simple little script and click the links in digg they’ll open in new window always.

17. Advanced Search Options on Digg’s Search Forms (Install Script)

Sometimes while searching on digg you get a lot of irrelevant results but now that wont be a problem any more with this tiny script search forms are advance more than ever and have a lot of options that a search form needs. you can also customized the way search results show look the following screenshot for reference.

18. SU Visual Editor Plus (Install Script)

This script enhance the way your text editor of your stumble upon page looks and works. Installing ‘SU Visual Editor Plus’ won’t do such any wonders but it can increase functionality such as increased width, increased height, background colours matched of the editor etc

19. Stumbleupon Avatar Bubbles (Install Script)

This script works so simple yet interesting and i thought every stumbler would loving using it. After installing SU Avatar Bubbles you get option to see Avatar images bigger when you hover your mouse over them so you dont need to open profile then click profile image to see actual size of the avatar.

20. AJAX Twitter Refresh (Install Script)

If you use twitter from web then you won’t be able to see new tweets unless you refresh the page. After installing this script your twitter page will be automatically refresh every after a minute (70 times per hour) this twitter page refresh scripts is better from others because you won’t notice when page refreshes actually its ajaxly refreshed.

21. Endless Tweets (Install Script)

If you are a die hard twitter and use to tweet everyday and explore people twitter timeline then this script is surely for you. The script automatically loads next set of tweets when you scroll the bottom of the timeline page unlike you click ‘Older’ button and read the tweets on second page. Endless Tweets saves a lot of time and preloading of tweets is also very fast.
Some other resources for the betterment of human kind 😉
If you are interested in making your orkut profile more interesting you should visit this post at BlogsDNA where he tells you how to theme your orkut profile and some good orkut themes too.
If you don’t like using Firefox (i doubt though) you should visit this post at Techie-Buzz where you know how to use Greasemonkey Scripts with IE, Opera and Safari.

I recently installed new version of linux (Ubuntu Intrepid ibex) on my secondary computer and i wanted to customize it like i am used to customize windows. I tried a lot of gnome themes and found many beautiful and elegant looking themes which enhance your desktop with different colors, corners, buttons and scroll bar styles. I filtered some of the best looking gnome themes to share on TechieSouls. After downloading themes you have to install them, the following screenshot will guide you how to install theme in ubuntu and gnome interface. Install apply and enjoy!

1. Zukitwo

Zukitwo theme
Simple and elegant changes to Ubuntu's default theme give it a clean interface. It doesn't look like a Windows desktop or an Apple one. It's simply Ubuntu: classed up.

Download Website

2. Zukitre Shell

Zukitre Shell theme
An off-black theme that does everything well. If you've used GTK then you might recognize this theme.

Download Website

3. Lexis

lexis theme

Lexis is cool in that it cleans up the top bar from Ubuntu and gives the dock a simple look. If you're installing Ubuntu or Gnome for someone that's never used the interface before, this is the theme with the most intuitive and simple interface.

Download Website

ubuntu themes - list