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There are many things that are necessary to be a successful freelance writer. Of course, that all begins by being a master of your craft. However, you can only write what you have planned, and this article aims to help with that planning process. Furthermore, one of the principal techniques for success is to develop a formula for your writing, and this content will explain the benefits of doing exactly that. A lot of these tips are helpful for bloggers as well who want to keep a consistent posting schedule on their website. Once you've got some good samples, you then need a central place to keep them so that prospective employers can take a look at your work.

Keeping Your Online Portfolio Website Updated

I talk to a lot of freelance writers who are struggling, and invariably they do not have an online portfolio website where potential employers can see their work. If it's the cost you are worried about, you really shouldn't be. Getting a domain name and basic web hosting isn't super expensive to begin with, and if you use coupons from websites like Coupon Lynx, then it's even cheaper. If you are worried it will be difficult to set up, WordPress is very easy to use and totally free. Most web hosts even have a 1-click install for it available.

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Most freelancers cite the fact that you can not double publish articles online (more on that and other SEO strategies in another article), and it's true. You should not publish an article that is already online somewhere (or that you may want to sell to be published online) on your website in text. You can take a screenshot of the text and publish it as an image though. That way your potential employers can see your writing style, and everything stays SEO-friendly.

Freelance Writing: Three Reasons Your Writing Should Follow a Formula

1. It makes the writing process so much easier

If you take each article individually, it can be hard to decide what length or structure for that piece of content. However, a consistent formula can help because you will already have a good idea about the structure. Of course, the detail differs with each article, but by following a formula, you will know how the finished product will look.

2. A consistent formula makes it easier to spot mistakes

When following a formula, the structure will appear similar in each piece of content you produce. Therefore, you will get used to similar sentence construction and the sort of words you use. If you combine this with a good grammar checker, you will quickly learn what kind of mistakes to look out for and become a better writer by constructing better content.

3. Your clients will know what to expect from you

If you develop regular and returning clients, they will expect a similar level of high-quality work from you each time. So, when you follow a consistent formula, it will be easy to display this high standard. Clients will know what to expect from you and keep coming back for more. It will also be easier for you to compare each of your articles and appreciate they are all of high-quality.

Sometimes when you are a freelance writer, it may be necessary to produce a lot of articles in a short space of time. If everything is fresh and new all the time, then this can be hard to accomplish. However, if you follow a consistent formula with each article, the entire process becomes easier and more efficient. Simply remember that following a formula allows you to write better content and spot mistakes easier and means your clients know what to expect from you each time.