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Engaging stories have always been popular across various media types, but the internet has led to the rapid growth of viral content. Entire businesses have been built around developing and promoting videos, articles, and memes that get shared across blogs and social media. While most popular stories had previously been released through established media outlets, viral content reduces many of the barriers to entry, allowing individuals to reach mass audiences. Dr. Karen Nelson-Field, an expert on viral marketing, even noted in her research that people who consumed shared content expressed 15 percent greater satisfaction than those who discovered it on their own.

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It is clear to see that viral content is unlikely to lose popularity any time soon. Therefore, anyone looking to develop an online business should be considering adding proven content to their site. A simple model that anyone can follow is to build a WordPress site, add niche content that is beginning to trend, and gradually build a following that relies on you as a curator. To follow this plan you need a WordPress theme designed for virality, with the following five examples among the very best. If you need hosting for your WordPress site, use the coupons at to get yourself some inexpensive hosting through GoDaddy.

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Bimber is one of the most popular themes, helping to showcase popular and trending posts. The theme comes with various demo examples, but you can also build a site from scratch. There is additional functionality with page views and sharing, so you can avoid broadcasting if a post hasn't proven popular. A feature of many popular viral sites is the ability for users to upload content. Snax, a front-end uploader included with your purchase, allows users to quickly create their own accounts and add their own posts.

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BoomBox includes a huge number of features, allowing you to build lists, quizzes, polls, stories, and much more. You can quickly amend the layout, so a site could have a number of smaller columns or a larger feature area. The demos also replicate the major viral sites, making it easy to get started with a proven design.

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ViralWP might not have the array of features found in other themes, but the stripped down dashboard area might suit those looking for something simple. While the theme is user-friendly, you still have enough advertising, social media, and design elements to create a viral format. The main layout resembles popular viral sites, with a clean appearance that encourages consuming and sharing.

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Bunchy also includes the Snax plugin, making it easy for users to upload content. The theme features common badges indicating hot and trending posts, while the advertising system makes monetization a simple process. Bunchy encourages visitors to share content with prominent buttons, while also allowing you to hide share numbers for unsuccessful posts.

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SociallyViral, developed by MyThemeShop, offers a free and premium version. The free version offers a great way to get started but does lack the level of customization you might require if your site gains popularity. The premium version has advanced advertising management, while also including various fonts, colors, layouts, and social sharing options. SociallyViral was created to highlight popular content, so trending and popular posts can be easily promoted to visitors.

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While each of these themes has been designed to increase virality, the content you include will determine if your site is a success. Ideally, you will create a following on your blog, through email, and on social sites like Facebook, so that each piece of content receives a large number of shares and mentions. As long as the content is engaging, your WordPress theme will have enough sharing and advertising options to help you maximize your reach and income levels.